Selling high-tech for Isotoma and Imperial

How do you sell complex technical solutions to non-techies?

Sofia is a powerful curriculum-mapping tool developed by software specialists Isotoma and Imperial College.  

When Imperial set off on a root and branch review of their medical curriculum, they couldn’t find anything powerful enough to handle such a complex project – or smart enough to give the deep slices of insight they were looking for.

So they called in Isotoma and built their own. Starting from scratch meant they could incorporate all their dream features without awkwardly shoehorning their needs into a system that didn’t quite fit. The result was Sofia.

It was such a success the partners wanted to roll it out to all universities as a saleable product. They heard we’re pretty good at plain speaking so they got in touch.

We wiggled ourselves between these two experts and their potential customers. To write the website copy, we had a crash course in both domains and worked hard to understand how much tech-speak their audiences were likely to understand.

Together, we pulled out the brilliant features and benefits and Isotoma’s UX specialist broke it all down into bite-sized chunks and used visuals to make it even easier to read.

As a team, we brainstormed the questions and problems the potential customers might face – and put together a content calendar of articles to answer those problems, adding to the brand values of being helpful and authoritative. We also created a LinkedIn group, where users and experts could share tips. Finally, we researched potential customers, providing Isotoma and Imperial with a database of names and email addresses – plus a suite of marketing emails to send out to them. 

Luxe magazine for Wedgwood

How does a heritage business attract a fresh audience?

Wedgwood wanted to shake off its “best tableware” image and engage with a smarter, more urban and younger audience.

Luxury online magazine Behind the Blue Door sprinkled lifestyle glamour around the Wedgwood brand and acted as a showcase for the stunning products. We’d been instrumental in creating the magazine at a previous agency and we were thrilled to continue our close working relationship with Wedgwood’s marketing team at Killer Content when that agency closed.

We gave the new audiences aspirational content about fashion, food and culture, often collaborating with complimentary brands. Every lively and well-researched Killer Content article comes with a set of social media posts, ready to copy and paste. Easy and elegant.

Reaching out to customers for Kolla

How does a cash-strapped startup build a tribe?

Lean startup Kolla was far from awash with cash when it launched in early 2018. But the team knew great content and snappy communication was worthy of investment.

We helped the Stockholm-based art photography e-tailers to develop a witty, casual tone of voice that slotted right in with their ubercool, exclusive products. Having shaped their initial journal articles (with pieces like this and this), we set the scene for future conversations with their global urban audience.

We continue to work with Kolla – writing eyecatching social media posts and must-click customer emails. At Killer, we’re fast, experienced and agile. We may not have the cheapest day rate but we don’t waste a penny of our clients’ budget

Personality and authority for Sport & Beyond

How do businesses really engage potential clients?

Sport & Beyond’s website was a collaboration – this time with another regular partner, designer Bower.

The training and development specialist was three years old and had quickly blossomed into a successful business and built quite a reputation as a thought leader in the field.

Now bedded in, S&B had become clear about their direction, potential clients and areas they wanted to target. Bower set about redesigning the S&B website and brought us in to work on tone and streamlining the message.

We rolled up our sleeves and sat down together to workshop their brand values, their priorities and their ideal customers.

The result was a straight-talking but inspirational tone, packed with active language – just right for a people development company that brings the techniques used by elite sportspeople into the workplace.

Sport & Beyond had written an impressive collection of articles – but who wants to click on the word ‘blog’ in the nav bar?

We put the blog section front and centre, rebranding it as The Huddle… “where we come together to strategise, motivate and celebrate.” We invited readers to browse for the “latest thinking, team-ready practical tips and our own unique insights, cutting through the fads for expertise you can trust”.

By positioning the articles as a massive free backup resource, Sport & Beyond gained an SEO boost, extra credibility and a sense of creating a long-term relationship with customers.

Bringing teams together for PFM Dental

How does a business unite after adding products, services or teams?

York-based PFM Dental provides top-notch professional services to dentists up and down the country.

Keen to give their clients a unique blend of specialist skills, they’d added dental accountants and lawyers to their offering, which already included a practice agency and wealth management. They were all experts in their respective fields but tended to work in silos.

Our frequent collaborators, digital agency Plump, introduced us to the client. Together we devised a website and marketing materials that streamlined their branding, brought the whole company under a united banner and helped them tell their customers about all the different skills on offer.

We created a more modern, less formal, tone of voice – talking to bright and ambitious dentists in the kind of language they use every day. This helps PFM clients to see them as a natural extension of their own team.

We also worked with them on their content strategy, giving them a space to share their articles on their own site. This strengthens both their authority and their core purpose of being a ‘trusted advisor’.

Vibrant internal comms for Amcor

How does a huge multinational inspire teams throughout the world?

The team at division Amcor Specialty Cartons (ASC) got in touch when they were planning the third issue of Unpacked magazine, a lively internal print publication bursting with news about co-workers, innovation and strategy. ASC employs 31,000 people in 19 countries so they needed writers who were experienced in creating copy for translation. Killer Content gave them a magazine the whole company could be proud of.

The business is part of multinational giant Amcor – a global leader in developing and producing packaging for food, beverage, pharmaceutical, medical-device, home and personal-care and other products.

ASC is now focused more on digital as an internal comms tool – and we continue to write for them regularly, bringing the same news magazine discipline to the work. Each story is designed to be enjoyed by everyone from the MD to the post boy who joined yesterday, whether they’re in Mexico, Poland or Indonesia.