Nothing is punk.

Nothing except a few months of revelry, creativity and attitude that burned phosphorus-brief and bright in 1976 and 1977.

Punk came and went in a gloriously messed up riot of passion and cynicism, idealism and commercialism, talent and hype.

Purists get very uptight about what’s punk and what’s not. They argue passionately about whether you can celebrate punk anniversaries (generally not). They will absolutely hate this article.

But everything is punk.

The rebellion, iconoclasm and sneering rejection of the status quo changed the world forever. The preening rock stars who bestowed their drug-fuelled, self-indulgent anthems on a lowly but grateful public were swept aside by kids on glue and cheap lager – or art school misfits who could smell danger and wanted more.

One of the enduring messages of punk is that anyone can do it. Once punk came along, you didn’t have to be a classically-trained pianist or know all the chords in the book to form a band.

You just got up and put up.

If you’ve ever thought you can’t market your business because you don’t have the right certificates, the right contacts or the right jargon, you’ve been fooled by the self-proclaimed wizards, held back by the men in suits and dazzled by the smoke and mirrors.

Because the internet is coming of age and it’s empowered every one of us. Today we all have the power to reach millions of people, with the minimum of equipment and just a few hints and tips.

Punk knew its audience. In fact, punk was its audience. Punk was angry, young and energetic. The fact that middle England hated it was exactly the point. And the fact that many young people hated it too was also the point.

By pointing itself directly and unashamedly at a niche, it sparked a revolution that caused fall out way beyond its followers, its few months in the spotlight and its urban roots.

Content marketing can provide an injection of that for your business.

Even if you’re running a luxury goods company or a financial services business hidebound by regulations, here’s five reasons your business needs a content marketing approach with the  spirit of punk bursting through it:

  1. Niche

Content marketing is all about engaging a niche. Marketing to everyone means you’re wasting spend on people who don’t care. Don’t try to make the whole world like you: find your tribe and make them love you.

2. Low budget

No big investment in TV spots, bus sides or billboards here. Just as punks spread the word through cut and paste posters and photocopied fanzines, you can fire up a brilliant content strategy through a blog, a smart phone and social media.

3. Emotional

Modern marketing is about creating lasting relationships and that’s only done by making people feel something. Punk made its audiences feel powerful and free. Choose your own emotion according your business: you could be useful, irresistible, relevant, funny or evocative.

4. Community

Because you’re not trying to appeal to anyone and everyone, your focus is on building a community around your product or service. Through content, you’ll find like-minded people who are motivated to chat with you and with each other. It’s about creating a feeling of shared values and belonging.

5. Direct

Modern marketing isn’t about finding people who are happily enjoying something – and then getting in their way with your message. A content strategy is about engaging your tribe directly, giving them something they need, want, or love for its own sake. You’re not interrupting them, you’re making them seek out what you’ve got to offer.

So don’t listen to the men in suits who blind you with buzzwords. Fire up your content marketing strategy today and start building your tribe.